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Letter #22 — Your Students


To My Students,
     Some of you are memories now, others are yet to be met. Many of you are near in location, while others are across the country. The age range (obviously not in the above picture) is from 4 years old to 92 years old… So far. You guys have been quite the mix and I have loved teaching each of you. I have been impressed with your persistance, focus, and willingness to learn. I have spent minutes with some of you and hours or days with others. I have taught some of you everything that I possibly can, or could at the time. Others are still in the learning process. It has been a joy to not only teach each of you, but to learn from you. Yes, that’s right. I learn from YOU. Seriously. Thank YOU for teaching me. I look forward to seeing you on the line again. 
One Of Your Teachers And One Of Your Students
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