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You might be thinking “stories, why stories?!?” But really think about it for a moment. Stories are all around you. In every picture there is a story, in every song a story is told, behind the eyes of every person hides a story… Is there anything without a story?

Have you ever looked at a picture wondering about the story in it? Or had a song stuck in your head because of the story behind it? Or looked into someone’s eyes and wondered what their story is? For that matter, have you ever looked at the world and thought of and/or wondered about the story behind it? The story of how the world was created, of sin, of wrath, of judgement, of redemption, of love, of adoption and of so much more? The story written by an awesome God? But then, isn’t every story written by Him?

Stories… They are everywhere. Some are hidden. Some are obvious. Some you know, others you never will.

Well, there are some strange thoughts on stories from a little ‘tater in the northwest…

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