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A few March pictures

An Appleseed Senior Instructor that we know went to Turkey. When he came back, he sent each of my siblings and I something that he got there for us. Thank you Hawkhavn! Dad and I designed and made this stand for my bowl. 
Photo by Western Rose

This is (sometimes) the only way I can keep working on the same thing for hours on end. 😉
Photo by Western Rose

An Appleseed Instructor from California picked these avocados off of her tree, straight into the box and then sent them to us! Thank you 22calgal!!!
Photo by Western Rose
And then we made guacamole!!! 
Photo by Western Rose
Our eye doctor put up Appleseed tri-folds in his office. 
Photo by Western Rose

 What you find in small town, mall, parking lots…
Photo by Western Rose

An Uncle and his niece. We spent several hours sighting in and then working on his positions, the six steps and NPOA.
Photo by TruTenacity for Western Rose

We had a mommy moose and her twins wander across our hill this morning.
Photo by Western Rose
Photo by Western Rose

Yup, definitely twins…
Photo by Western Rose
And then we had a goose land on our roof… 
Photo by Holly Cate
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