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Pictures from an Appleseed Weekend

I broke my personal high score and got a “WinterSeed” Rifleman Patch at the same time!
Photo by Western Rose

The Instructor who scored the target thought it was necessary to write “right handed” on it as I shoot both right handed and left handed. 
Photo by Western Rose

Evenstar also broke her high score record and got her WinterSeed Patch!
Photo by Western Rose

This is a picture I took for a Montana Instructor (Clodhopper)
Photo by Western Rose

Clodhopper started it with a green marker (and eyelashes!) in Nampa, Idaho – October 30-31, 2010. Since then, we’ve always drawn an eye on the tape that I use to cover my dominant eye when I shoot left handed.
Photo by Holy Cate for Western Rose

Isaiah impressed the instructors by sticking it out all weekend. Here he is about to receive a special patch that he has earned. 
Photo by Western Rose

Rizzin decided that he’d like to become an instructor. Here he is being welcomed to the crew by the Idaho State Coordinator. 
Photo by Western Rose
And here he is receiving his orange hat.
Photo by Holly Cate for Western Rose

 Right after that, he went to work. 🙂
Photo by Western Rose

The Shoot Boss
Photo by Western Rose

Rizzin also shot his Rifleman that weekend.
Photo by Western Rose

TruTenacity telling history as we ate a yummy lunch that was prepared by Chef Bob.
Photo by Western Rose

Sunday morning dawned with fresh snow on the ground and it continued to snow for a while. 
Photo by Western Rose

The shooters stuck it out through it all. 
Photo by Holly Cate
There IS a Line Boss in there somewhere…
Photo by Western Rose

The Instructors of the weekend. A family plus one.
Photo by Bob the Chef 
The Three WinterSeed Rifleman
Photo by TruT
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